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Club Social Mix In Sessions

Club Sessions:

Recommended for competent club players:

Thursdays (Ladies)9.30-11.30am
Sundays 10am-12pm

For members who are not yet of a standard to mix in, we run improver mix ins. These are intended as a bridge to club-level mix ins, not as a long term arrangement. Group coaching is available in the indoor centre. A coach is usually present at the evening improver mix in sessions during term time to offer tips and facilitate play: Players must book in advance.

Mondays 7-8.30pm
Saturdays 11.00-12.30pm

Cross-overs are encouraged as new players improve.

Member Resources

For general enquiries, please contact the office: We welcome players of all ages, races, colours, religions, sexual orientations and political persuasions, not to mention tennis abilities.  

As Canterbury Tennis Club members, we must respect each other and feel comfortable together.  Abusive behaviour on and off court is not tolerated and if you have any concerns you should speak to one of our welfare officers (see list). With tolerance, kindness and common sense we can all enjoy our tennis. See the Policies page for our club policies.

Full Club Rules

Our Administration

Although we benefit from the facilities and support of Polo Farm we are a members’ club, run by members for the benefit of all. A committee of volunteers manages the club and many more members give freely of their time to look after the Club’s six outdoor clay courts, the pavilion and its surroundings. With only one paid part-time administrator, there is plenty to do so please don’t be afraid to offer your help.

The Tennis Club committee – how can we help?


Membership runs annually from 1 April. Renewal subscriptions are overdue if paid after 1 April and, if you have not paid, you can be asked to leave the courts. Please help us by renewing promptly. We do not accept membership fees in cash.

Booking Courts

Be sure to book your court (outdoors, indoors and grass) on the Mindbody system, even at usually quiet times. This avoids disappointment for you and gives the Club important information about court usage. You can book up to two weeks in advance. 

It’s essential to cancel a court you no longer intend to use so that it’s free for others to book. Just go to Mindbody, click on the court and follow the instructions.

Always use the court you booked – ask anyone else using it to leave. Going to a different court that happens to be empty could cause problems later on. Leave your court on time.

How to use the Accounts and Booking Software

Playing outdoors

Help keep our excellent playing surfaces in good order by dragging the court and brushing the lines at the end of your session (except when it’s very wet). And, of course, pick up any litter or stray balls as you leave – even if they are not yours. If you have any problems with the nets or their adjustment, or with the court surfaces let Brian Robinson know (see list).

If you need to cross a court that’s in use please wait until there’s a break in play. Do not disturb play on an adjacent court to collect stray balls as players will return them in due course. Having fun, laughing and shouting is fine – but in moderation. And, preferably, no expletives. 

How to sweep a court

Playing on Grass

When in use, our two grass courts can be booked in the same way – Mindbody will show available times, but cannot predict the weather! The grass, unlike our synthetic clay, should not be used when damp, so there’s no play before 10.30am.  To open the gates use the same entry code as for the Pavilion – and don’t forgot to lock up when you leave.

Strangers on court

We can’t all know every member by sight. If you are concerned that people playing are not members, please go up to them, introduce yourself and ask if he or she is a new member, and also ask their names. If they are not a member suggest they join, either as a Tennis Club member or just of the Indoor Centre – there are forms in the Pavilion and Indoor Centre reception. They can get more information from the club administrator, Rosa Cook

Guest fees

Your guests are welcome but each individual guest may come no more than four times in the year. You are responsible for paying your guests’ fees (£5 a time).  Guest fees should be paid by transfer to the club bank account: Canterbury Tennis Club 30-64-57 57408360 or there are envelopes in the Pavilion and these should be posted at the Indoor Centre.  Please do not leave money, or other valuables, in the Pavilion.

Pavilion Care

We rely on all members to clear up after themselves. That includes washing, drying and putting away everything you’ve used. Also, if others have failed to do this, please help by wiping surfaces, picking up litter and sweeping the floor. Brushing your shoes as you leave the courts will help keep the clay granules out of the Pavilion – and your own car and home.

Parents sheltering while their children are playing and other guests are welcome to use the Pavilion when open. If you are the last person to leave the outdoor courts check that all patio doors are locked from the inside, that everything else is in order and lock the door. All members should know the code – ask a committee member if you have forgotten. Please report any problems with the Pavilion to a committee member (see list).

Health and safety

As sports go, tennis is not dangerous, but do beware of potential hazards, such as stray balls and badly placed bags. Please report any dangers you notice on or around our courts to Brian Robinson (see list.)  

Defibrillators are located in the tennis pavilion, outside the sports hall and in the main Polo clubhouse.