Adult Programme

There are group coaching opportunities for adults whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and will introduce new sessions if there is enough demand.

Sessions are run in blocks of 12. So long as 48 hours notice is given, you will not be charged for non attendance.

Pay-and-play is available if there is a suitable space. Just call on the day.

CONTACT: Sally Halliday. Tel: 01227 781505 or email:

Cardio & Coaching – Day Time

per Session
Monday9.00-10.00amCardioJono £7
Tuesday9.30-11.00amCardioSimon P£10
Wednesday10.00-11.30amGroup Coaching
Level 1-2
Thursday10.00-11.30amGroup Coaching
Level 3/4
Friday9.30-11.30amGroup Coaching
Level 4/6
Jono £16

Cardio & Coaching: Evenings

TimeStandardCoachCost per
Levels 1-6
Thursday8.00-9.00Group Coaching
Level 1-2
Thursday8.00-9.00Group Coaching

Adult Playing Guide

LEVEL 1/BEGINNER: Limited tennis experience. Difficulty in judging the bounce of a ball due to lack of time playing tennis.

LEVEL 2/IMPROVER: Copes with judging the bounce of a medium pace ball in a rally situation. Understands the basics of the game of tennis. Starting to develop a serve and return of serve.

LEVEL 3/LOW INTERMEDIATE: Can serve, return serve and rally at a medium pace. Starting to develop match-play skills.

LEVEL 4/INTERMEDIATE: Copes well at a medium pace in all areas of their game. Has some match-play experience.

LEVEL 5/HIGH INTERMEDIATE: Can cope with a higher pace in most areas of their game. Capable competitive tennis player.

LEVEL 6/CLUB: Can copy with a high pace and heavy spin in most areas of their game. Plays (or has played) regular competitive tennis.

LEVEL 7/ADVANCED: Experienced competition player. Is able to deal with all types of spin and both fast and slow paced balls. Has the skill to be able to vary the pace and spin of their strokes.

LEVEL 8/TOUR: Has gained mastery in the main areas of tennis technique, tactics, physical prowess, mental toughness and emotional control.